Scan puzzles
Crosswords from paper in an app

Conveniently keep your puzzles in your pocket, leaving your newspapers and magazines at home.
Also capture screenshots of the crossword page(s) from digital subscriptions.
Live preview
Watch the magic unfold

Instantly see what the scanner is able to recognize with the crossword cells highlighted in the camera view.
In-picture solving
Type with maximum comfort

Type in your own language, the direction you want.
The picture is like an entry in Notes where only the open puzzle cells are editable.
Solve with friends
Share updates over the Internet

Invite or be invited to work on the same puzzle as your friends or family. Automatically or manually synch updates.
Requires a subscription after the initial trial period.
Classify cells
Clues or letters?

Once a puzzle is scanned, its content will be analyzed and open cells automatically designated as editable.
Review the results and correct if there are any inaccuracies.
Crop to grid
Focus on what matters

Isolate the crossword grid when you don't need the surrounding picture while solving.
The tap of a button switches between regular and cropped views.
Puzzles in the cloud
Available everywhere at any time

Store up to ten crosswords for sharing in the cloud that can be shared and solved on multiple devices.
Requires a subscription after the initial trial period.
Progress monitoring
Keep track of what's left

Access information on progress, participants and more on the puzzle you are working on.
Immediately know when someone updates

Receive notifications whenever someone invites you to a crossword or makes changes to one you are already collaborating on.
Scanning guide
Maximize accuracy and detail

Jittery camera movement, lighting conditions and camera angle all impact scanning quality.
The scanning guide helps you get top quality results.